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July 20-21, 2022

Hickory Metro Convention Center
Hickory, North Carolina

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Show Services

Furniture Manufacturing Expo and all of our official suppliers for the event are eager to assist you in your planning and preparations.

If you have any questions about the information that is provided below or need assistance in completing a form, please contact Penny Everett, Operations Manager, at 


Forms Deadline Dates Links
Onsite Full Listing     ASAP Exhibitor Zone
Booth Variance Request Form June 3 Exhibitor Service Manual
Audio Visual July 1  Exhibitor Service Manual
Hotel Room Reservation Deadline July 2 Book Hotel Room
Utilities Order Form (Electric, Compressed Air, Water) July 1 for discounted rate Exhibitor Service Manual
Installation and / or Dismantle Labor July 1 Exhibitor Service Manual
Advance Warehouse Shipment Must arrive between June 13 - July 12 Exhibitor Service Manual
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Form July 2 Exhibitor Service Manual
Certificate of Insurance for Exhibitor Appointed Contractor July 2 Exhibitor Service Manual
Furniture and Accessories Order Form June 29 for discounted rate Exhibitor Service Manual
Labor Deadline     July 2  Exhibitor Service Manual
Lead Retrieval Order Form June 21 for the discounted rate Lead Retrieval Order Form
Onsite Shipment Cannot arrive before July 16 Exhibitor Service Manual



The Exhibitor Service Manual is where you can: order carpet, furniture, lead retrieval, catering, and electrical, find schedules, checklists, shipping details, labels, and everything you need to ensure your booth is set up for the event.

Remember, your booth already includes:

  • Pipe & drape on back (8’ high) and sides (3’ high)
  • Material handling
  • Wastebasket
  • Daily booth cleaning

Island booths do not include any pipe & drape unless requested in advance.

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Please note that the login information for the Exhibitor Service Manual was sent to your company's primary contact, but if you have misplaced the information, please contact our Operations Manager, Pennie Everett at 


The Exhibitor Zone is the website where you enter your company's information. This information will be used for the searchable Online Exhibitor List, the Onsite Full Listing, and your onsite ID Sign.  We recommend you complete this ASAP.

Once on the website, it is important for you to enter your company profile information, including: 

  • Product Category Selection(s)
  • 50 Word Company Description 
  • City, State, Country, Telephone
  • Website
  • Press Releases

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Furniture Manufacturing Expo 2022 is pleased to offer on-line registration as the most convenient way to manage your booth staff. 

This year our registration company has rolled out a new platform so there are some process changes. For Exhibitor Registration your company's main contact should already have received an email titled “Furniture Manufacturing Expo 2022 Exhibitor Registration” with a direct link to your company’s customized registration portal. No login/password is required. The email may be forwarded, but the link within is the only access to register your staff. The portal is programmed with the allotted number of exhibitor staff registrations included based on your booth size. Also, you will find the Lead Retrieval order form.   Deadline to order Lead Retrieval for discounted rate is June 21st.  Deadline to register all staff is July 15th.

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If you go over your allotment, or need this email resent,  please contact Penny Everett at


Furniture Manufacturing Expo has partnered with the Hampton Inn By Hilton and Courtyard By Hickory, both offering special group rates through July 2, 2022.

*Please note that other agencies may solicit you to book with these hotels, but to ensure you have a legitimate reservation, use the below link for the only official block.

Click Here To Select Your Hotel


Exhibitor Move-In:  
Sunday, July 17: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Monday, July 18: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Tuesday, July 19:  8:00am - 6:00pm


Show Hours:  
Wednesday, July 20: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday, July 21: 10:00am - 4:00pm


Exhibitor Move-Out:   
Thursday, July 21: 4:01pm - 10:00pm
Friday, July 22:    8:00am - 6:00pm


We are excited to offer our exhibitors a Marketing Platform where you can access and share your custom landing page, download web banners, and send an easy-to-use invitation email to your contacts inviting them to join you in Hickory, NC, for the 2022 show. 

Please note that the login information for the Marketing Platform was sent to your company's primary contact, but if you have misplaced the information, please contact our Marketing Manager, Michelle Brice at



Admittance to the exhibit floor during installation will only be permitted to those persons with a temporary work pass, wristband or an exhibitor badge. On show days an exhibitor badge will be required to enter the show including two hours prior to opening and one-half hour after closing. Should you require additional time, please see Show Management. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed on the show floor at any time. The exhibit floor is available to all qualified attendees wearing an identification badge during show hours. Qualified tradeshow attendees must wear an official badge. Please report any unauthorized attendees to the security personnel or show management staff immediately.

Attendees with Disabilities

Furniture Manufacturing Expo will provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities who make their situation known to Furniture Manufacturing Expo personnel. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to be aware of, and be in compliance with, the rules set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act and Exhibitors are encouraged to provide exhibits that are accessible to all and barriers to none. In the absence of accessibility, each exhibitor must assume the responsibility for making alternative arrangements to serve the needs of persons with disabilities.

Booth Payments

All exhibitors will be required to settle their accounts in full prior to booth installation.

Booth Responsibility

It will be the responsibility of the company who contracts the space to maintain personnel in the booth at all times during show hours. Any Exhibitor who starts to pack or dismantle the booth prior to show closing on Thursday, July 21, 2022, 4:00 pm will be charged a $1,000 fine as stated in your space contract.

Booth Furniture

Booth furniture will be available through Fern. Please see the online Exhibitor Service Manual for the official order forms.

Catering Services

Catering services will be available through Liazzo’s Catering. Please see the online Exhibitor Service Manual for the official menu and order form.

Carpeting / Floor Covering

All exhibit space must be fully carpeted or covered. The exhibit hall is not carpeted and a floor covering must be ordered or supplied for your booth space. You may supply your own flooring or rent carpet from Fern. Please see the online Exhibitor Service Manual for the official order form.

If your booth does not have a floor covering by 6:00 pm Tuesday, July 19th, Show Management will order and install carpeting through the decorator at Exhibitor’s expense.

Exhibits / Show Floor

Please take time to familiarize yourself with the enclosed Guidelines for Display as Furniture Manufacturing Expo will abide by these standards. Exhibitors requesting variances and/or exhibits that do not comply with the enclosed guidelines must complete the Booth Variance Request Form and receive approval from Furniture Manufacturing Expo to deviate from these industry standards. Onsite, exhibitors not in compliance with these rules will be forced to correct rule violations prior to the show opening. Exhibitors may display/hang signs, banners, or logos from the ceiling of the exhibit hall only with permission from Show Management.

All demonstration equipment, including operator’s position, must be located inside the booth.

Exhibitors building special background or side dividers must make certain that the surfaces and backside of side walls of such dividers are finished in a manner as not to be unsightly to exhibitors in adjoining booths. If such surfaces remain unfinished show management shall authorize the official decorator to take into effect the necessary furnishings and the exhibitor must pay all charges involved.

Souvenirs and literature may be handed out only from within the confines of the exhibitor’s booth. Passing out promotional material or literature in the aisles or public areas is prohibited. Exhibitor personnel may not enter another exhibitor’s exhibit space, or take materials from another exhibitor’s exhibit space, without the expressed permission from that exhibitor.

No storage of any kind is allowed behind booths or near electrical service. Materials necessary to your exhibit must be stored within the exhibit. Electrical cords and connectors must be accessible.

Exhibit Hall

Furniture Manufacturing Expo will be located in Hickory Metro Convention Center.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC)

An EAC is any contractor not listed in the Exhibitor Services Manual as an official Furniture Manufacturing Expo contracted vendor. Any vendor other than those listed in the ESM will need to have the EAC form completed and submitted to Show Management 45 days prior to the event. A certificate of insurance for the EAC must also be emailed to by the same deadline. Exhibitors using any service of an EAC are responsible for ensuring that the EAC conforms to all show rules and regulations.

Fire Prevention

The Exhibitor shall not use any flammable decorations or coverings for display purpose. All fabrics or other material used for decoration purposes must be flameproof. The Exhibitor shall comply with all applicable fire regulations.

Height Restrictions

All in line standard booths will be permitted a height allowance of eight feet (8’) including signage. All peninsula and island booths will be permitted a height allowance of sixteen feet (16’) including signage. All booths must comply with the enclosed Guidelines for Display.


Show Management shall not be liable for injury to persons (or for damage to or loss of property) within the Exhibitor’s booth and its surrounding area, or in such other areas as the Exhibitor may use to store its property or that of third parties. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to provide sufficient insurance. Such insurance shall include (but shall not be limited to) coverage of the Exhibitor’s liability for injury to persons (and for damage to or loss of property) within the Exhibitor’s booth and its surrounding area, and in such other areas the Exhibitor may use to store its property or that of the third parties.

Media and Press Relations

Qualified editorial media representatives are invited to attend Furniture Manufacturing Expo. Please contact Lorie Gross at for more information and press credentials.

Photography, Video Shooting and Sound Recording

No photography, videotaping or other means of recording is permitted without prior written approval from Show Management. Exhibitors shall not photograph or videotape the exhibit or products of any other Exhibitor or cause such exhibit or products to be photographed or videotaped. Show Management reserves the right to eject any Exhibitor and any of its employees or representatives from the licensed premises and the Hickory Metro Convention Center for failure to comply with this rule or impose any other sanction permitted by these rules deemed appropriate by Show Management. Any Exhibitor not in compliance with this rule also agrees to immediately provide Show Management with all film, pictures, videotape, or other video or audio recordings (and all copies thereof) for disposal.


Show Management will provide general security for the exhibit hall and public areas. However, you may contract for individual security for within your booth at your discretion. Please email Penny Everett at for security company contact information. No weapons will be allowed on the show floor. Show Management is not liable for the security of product or equipment within an exhibitor's booth.

Set-Up Deadline

Show Management and its organizers reserve the right to use any exhibit space still unoccupied as of Tuesday, July 19, 2022 at 6:00 pm for whatever purpose it chooses. Exhibitors will remain liable for the space rental fee of such space.

Sound Systems

The use of sound systems is permissible provided they are not audible more than three feet into the aisle or into neighboring booths, and that the sound is directed exclusively into the exhibitor’s booth. Show Management and its organizers shall have absolute control over its regulation, the intent of which is to ensure that the sound systems shall not be audibly objectionable to neighboring exhibitors. Sound amplification may be used by the exhibitor only for the dissemination of information to the Furniture Manufacturing Expo audience directly relating to products and/or services of the particular company displaying such products and/or services at the show.


Show Management is the sole and final authority as to the interpretation of these rules and their application. Show Management may issue specific variances or exceptions for special situations upon request. Such variances do not establish a precedent or permanent modification beyond the specific case involved. Show Management may make modifications to a booth without specific permission of the exhibitor and at the exhibitor’s risk and expense, in order to satisfy the terms and intent of the Show Rules and/or the Fire Marshal. Furthermore, Show Management has the authority to establish penalties, including the removal from the current or future shows.

Show Management’s decision is final. We appreciate your cooperation in making the show a successful and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Directions to the Hickory Metro Convention Center

Hickory Metro Convention Center
1960 13th Av. Drive SE,
Hickory, North Carolina 28602

Parking is complimentary at the Hickory Metro Convention Center.  Directions from the closest Airports to Hickory Metro Convention Center are below.

From Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

From airport, take I-85 South toward Gastonia.

Take exit 17, US-321, toward Lincolnton/Gastonia.

Follow US-321 North.

Take exit 43A, I-40, toward Statesville.

Take exit 125 to Hickory Metro Convention Center.

From Charlotte Douglas International Airport

From airport, take I-485 South towards Huntersville.

Take exit for NC-16 towards Newton.

Turn right at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet to continue on NC-16.

Take I-40 West towards Hickory.

Take exit 125 to Hickory Metro Convention Center.


Please click for directions to the Hickory Metro Convention Center

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