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HFMSE Update: New Manufacturing Study Points to Role of Technology in Furniture Production

Monday, April 23, 2018

HFMSE Update: New Manufacturing Study Points to Role of Technology in Furniture Production

HFMSE Update: New Manufacturing Study Points to Role of Technology in Furniture Production

GREEVILLE, SC --  A newly released research study finds that American furniture and furnishings manufacturers place great value on the role of technology…but have their work cut out for them to get up to global standards.

“North America has the second highest number of respondents declaring that automated technology plays an essential role in their processes,” the study finds.
“Half of North  American respondents would like to further develop the use of technology in their processes. However, American companies are the least likely to have CNC cutting or virtual prototyping solutions.”

The new research study, “What’s Rearranging the North American Upholstered Furniture Industry?” was conducted by the Centre for Industrial Studies and Lectra. It points to opportunities for American producers to significantly upgrade their production facilities through the use of technologies such as virtual prototyping.

Such technologies are a key element of the upcoming Home Furnishings Manufacturing Solutions Expo, taking place July 18 and 19 at Greenville’s TD Convention Center, nearby the Triad heart of the furniture business and accessible for companies based throughout the Southeast.  The Expo features a wide variety of exhibitors showcasing the latest in manufacturing equipment, systems, software and technology specifically developed for the furniture and home furnishings industry.

These manufacturing solutions are what is needed for American producers to address the changing market conditions of the industry, the study finds. “North American survey respondents rated demand for quicker deliveries and downward price pressure as their most pressing challenges,” the survey reported.

“Successful manufacturers are tackling their key challenges with concrete objectives and pragmatic business plans. Survey results reveal that streamlining costs, reducing delivery time and catering to personalized tastes will be critical for creating a competitive advantage in this market.” The research study makes it clear that technology, combined with brand development and an emphasis on product design can be the differentiating factor for successful furniture producers.

“Taking a technology-focused approach is the best way to develop and manage the extensive catalog, range of options, shorter delivery times and more rapid innovation in features and functionality that customers desire,” the report concluded.  “Those companies who have carefully invested in end-to-end hardware and software solutions, or plan to invest in the next few years, will be strategically positioned to meet current and future market challenges.”

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