July 20-21, 2021

Hickory Metro Convention Center
Hickory, North Carolina

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Economic Gardening in North Carolina

20 Jul 2021
Conover 2
Economic Gardening is an economic development program that provides strategic research and analysis for Stage 2 growth companies.  The name comes from the idea that instead of economic developers going out and recruiting new companies (economic hunting), the community will stay at home and grow its local companies (economic gardening).  Designed for leaders of NC businesses to enhance their growth strategies.  The program provides an analysis of root problems and provides a tool for how the company builds employee teams and how they relate to customers. In this session, businesses can learn how the state‚Äôs economic gardening program can help them make decisions in strategic areas, including industry trends, competitor intelligence, new product releases. One of the most important outcomes will be an introduction to a wide variety of resources already in place in North Carolina.
John Loyack, Vice President of Global Business Services - Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

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